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When you are a woman and you want to get pregnant, you will need to have some fundamental knowledge about when the best time is to do so. That is why you need to understand what ovulation is, how the cycle works and what are the precise days to have intercourse that is most likely to make you conceive.

We have all the information that will get you started on this path so that when you get into it, you know for sure what is going to happen and that is how you will get to have the results that you desire. If you want to avoid getting pregnant, then this information is for you too.

Here are some of the most frequently used methods to get pregnant.

  1. Count Your Days

Literally, this means exactly what it says. You will need to make sure that you know when it is happening so that you can time the next time that it happens. Now, this is a little bit easier said than done. Periods will usually repeat every 28 days if you have them regularly.

In the 28 day cycle, the most fertile days will be 12, 13 and 14. The most fertile period is the one that leads to you having the menses again. That is 6 days before the ovulation happens. This is to account for sperm that stays inside you for 5 days while still viable.

You still need to figure out the individual cycle that is specific to you.

  1. Watch the Vaginal Discharge

There will be changes in the vaginal discharge as a result of the body getting prepared for the ovulation process and that is something that you will also need to watch out for. This will indicate to you that the time is at hand.

As you approach ovulation, the body will make more estrogen for you and this produces some fertile mucus that will flow much like an egg does. It should be transparent too. This is the most fertile flow. This happens differently in most people so you need to know what happens with you specifically.

  1. Take the Basal Temperature

A lot of experts have termed this as one of the most efficient and most accurate way to tell when you are ovulating. It is so exact and easy to do if you are meticulous enough. With enough data, you can tell the exact day that this happens.

You need to take the body temperature every day and then watch for the day that it will dip. That is the time that says, you are about to ovulate. When you ovulate, it will spike very sharply and you will know that it has happened. There is no need to doubt when you have adequate data.

It is recommended that you take the temperature in the morning every day before you get out of bed and see what it is the record

  1. Use Test Kits

Modern medicine has made something for almost everything and there is a kit that will tell you when you are ovulating. It is easy to use and you will find that there is accuracy in this one too. Much like the basal temperature test, this one is also very effective.

The kit works by looking for the traces. When you know the days are close and you want to pinpoint, this is the one that you will need to use. The test will measure the amount of Luteinizing Hormones that you have released and that is how you know.

The hormone rise is between 24-36 hours before you ovulate and there are several in a kit to tell you exactly when.

  1. Pain in the Ovaries/ Abdomen

Of course, it is hard to tell where exactly your ovary is but the pain in the abdomen will tell you. This occurs inside the window of the cycle and that is how you will know that the egg has been released. The release is not a soft landing, more like a ripping that sometimes leads to spotting.

This is where there is blood that is spotty and in a pinkish or brown hue that is characteristic of the ovarian cyst rupture syndrome.

FUN FACT: If you want to have a baby, have sex every other day during the days that lead up to the ovulation and see what happens.

Updated: March 13, 2018 — 5:17 pm

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