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Believe me, if you have ovulation problems of any kind, there is a chance that infertility will be an issue for you and that getting pregnant will be super difficult. That is what we are going to explore here. We will look at all the ovulation problems that are major and we will know.

There is much to learn about what happens and we have some of the crucial basic information to get you started. That is how you will get know where to start. In this article, we will look at all the problems that you face with ovulation and infertility.

Ovulation Problems

These are some of the major cause that will affect the way that you ovulate.

1. Hormonal Imbalance

As a woman and as humans in general, we need to have hormones that are balanced so that things happen like they should in an almost clockwork manner. When you have a hormonal imbalance, you will find that you bleed randomly, ovulate in a way that is even more random and suddenly you find that you do not have a handle on anything.

In an example of Polycystic ovary syndrome, you will find that the natural process may be tampered with by something like a Plan B pill. Without the normal ovulation, you will find yourself unable to get pregnant. That is how you fail at getting pregnant.

2. Ovarian Structure

Sometimes, you will find that some changes that you have made in lifestyle lead to more problems that you may not be able to anticipate. This is something like having ovarian structures that are not normal.

This may be something like a cyst in the ovary that will most likely rupture at the time when you are ovulating and then cause some problems that will lead to ovulation not taking place as it should. That is how you get a problem.

3. Medical Problems

As we advance in time, we find that medical problems crop up every day that we can identify and treat and others are just plain weird. You will find that general medical problem such as the thyroid affecting metabolism can throw a wrench into the regular framework that is your cycle.

Serious illnesses, emotional trauma, weight problems and too much exercise can do things to you. Keep that in mind when you go out to jog or start some strange new diet that is not what you normally have just because you have some curves.

4. Cancer Treatments

Whether it is chemotherapy or radiation of any kind, you will find that it will do some damage to the way that the eggs are supplied and that is something that will also make problems for you. It will cause you to be infertile even if just temporarily.


This is the state of being unable to become pregnant. It has much cause that may be behind it but you will need to have some facts that will guide you to know for sure what can most likely cause this. These are just some of them:

1. Who?

Infertility happens to be common for about 10% of women aged 15-44. It can be present because of the aforementioned ovulation problems or something else. It can be because of a woman in about 33% of the cases and a man is also the same percentage.

For men who can’t get you pregnant, it is because of several reasons that hinder the production of sperm. This is like sperm damage, diseases or a low count.

2. Some Risk Factors

When you have a problem like this one, you will find that you have risk factors that will make it happen even more frequently. For the men, it may be caused by; smoking, aging, health issue, toxins, drug abuse, radiation, and chemotherapy or other cancer treatments.

For women, it may be because of; blocked fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids, age, stress, bad diet, athletic training or uterine related problems among many other factors that hinder ovulation.

3. Other Problems

There are other problems that will include; aging that may lead to miscarriages. There are other issues that will make a very long list.

A Hope for All

In this world of modern medicine, there is much we can do with the tech we have and infertility is now something we can deal with for the most part.

Updated: March 13, 2018 — 5:26 pm

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