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Post Ovulation Symptoms- Thick Clear Discharge, Hot Flashes, Diarrhea

After you have finished ovulating, you will find that there are some things that will happen and when you are not familiar with them, they may be disconcerting. We will look at what happens when you conceive and what happens after the ovulation has happened. These will be important to you.

You will find that there is more to this than you may have imagined and that is what is so beautiful about this. There is something about the process that will change the way that you see yourself as a woman. That is what we are going to find out about.

The symptoms that are present past ovulation will be different each day with very major similarities. That is what we are going to look at here.

9 Days Past-Ovulation Symptoms

There is a recurring theme when you just ovulated and it will be present in all women but it may not be all the symptoms that you see here. We will look at all of them and how they were mentioned. They will give you a clue on how you are supposed to feel and what you may experience when you start.

Signs That Say You May Not Be Pregnant

  1. Headache

Women will experience headaches that may be caused by the stress that is ovulating. This will not mean that you are pregnant. You see, when you are ovulating or on the days that lead to it, you will have these bad migraines and they fade out into headaches.

  1. Diarrhea

This is another indicator that you may not be pregnant. This is your body dealing with all the crazy hormonal stuff that was happening when you were going to ovulate. That is what you will experience here.

  1. Not Feeling Pregnant

Some know for a fact that women can feel if they are pregnant even if they have never been before. They can say ‘I don’t feel pregnant’. That is something that not everyone will experience but it happens.

  1. Achy Legs or Hips

This is another symptom that will happen when you have ovulated and it is nine days later. The pain comes and goes and it makes you want to take a break and chill out with no undue stress on yourself. That is completely normal for you.

  1. Moodiness

This happens. The body just flooded you with hormones and then you were bleeding before that and not this other crappy headache and hips. I would be moody too. It does not mean that you are pregnant.

  1. Dizziness

You lost blood, you were weakened by all those changes and then you had that migraine. Now you try to stand up and you feel like you will fall. This happens and that is why you need to be cool about it. It is a normal occurrence.

Effects That Could Indicate Pregnancy at 9 Days after Ovulating

There is so much to see here and watch out for and we will look at all the things that happen which could point to the fact that you may be pregnant.

  1. Fatigue- you will be feeling tired all the time and the exhaustion itself is exhausting.
  2. Dull cramps- these will most likely feel like pressure being applied. Do not confuse that with the bloating.
  3. Gas- this is basic flatulence and if it happens, it may not be because you ate beans. You may have someone renting that space now.
  4. Bloating- this is increased in such a way that you feel full and kind of pregnant all the time.
  5. Backache- you may have something the mass of several cells and the back will be complaining already.
  6. Nausea- if you get pissed off and nauseated by smells and simple things, you need to take that test.
  7. Tender breasts- they will be preparing to hold the milk that the currently little zygote will need nine months later.
  8. Increased Cervical Fluid- the womb will be trying to get ready for the big event and you will notice fluid.
  9. Headaches will be here too.
  10. The nipples themselves will be sore and sensitive in a way that is high.Some Other post ovulation symptoms:
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    Diarrhea After Ovulation
    Diarrhea During Ovulation
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As you can see, it is not that hard to tell when you are getting pregnant and when it is after effects of the ovulation.

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