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Trying to get Pregnant? See How Ovulation and Fertility Works

There is a need for you as a woman to know when you are ovulating because that is something that will be like a clock for when you are most fertile. If you can time it right, you will be able to get pregnant easily.

Ovulation and fertility are closely related in that when you are ovulating is when you are most fertile. That is why we need to see how these work. That way, you will know what to watch for and armed with this information, you will get pregnant just like that.

Well, we will start with ovulation first and then move on to fertility and how they are related and finally why they are crucial when you are trying to get pregnant.

Trying to get pregnant

How Ovulation Works

Ovulation by definition is that process that occurs once in every menstrual cycle. The process is basically the hormone changes that make the ovary to release the egg. The process is a bit of a mystery to a lot of people so we will take a look at how it happens.

The egg gets released and the only way for you to get pregnant is if it meets a sperm and they fuse. Ovulation happens when the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) surges. There are ways to identify the surges and they will tell you when you are about to ovulate.

Because sperm is active in there for several days (5 days), you can get pregnant by having sex prior to the ovulation happening. We have what is called Clearblue Ovulation Tests that have 99% accuracy in detecting the LH surges.

Fertility and how it Works

Conceiving is an elegant procedure that happens very easily if you want to have it that easy. A man will always be making sperm until he dies. The sperm will become mature and it can make you pregnant after it is made and ready to go.

Of the millions of sperms that are deposited in the vagina when you have sex, only a few hundred survive and make it to the fallopian tubes where the egg will be waiting. If they meet, you will get pregnant.

As you can see now, the egg from the ovulation process has come into play here, in that it sits in the fallopian tube where the sperm will swim. That is why you will need to make sure that you have good timing to make sure that you get pregnant. Read about Symptoms of the ovulation period.

Getting Pregnant

Now, we make the connection between the two. It is this simple. You will need to time the sex just right to make sure that the chances of the sperm and the egg meeting are very high. When a woman is born, she will have like 2 million eggs and not billions of sperms like the men.

Their supplies get depleted when they get to menopause. Here is the catch about timing. The egg will sit there for like 12-214 hours waiting to be fertilized and then if there is nothing, it degenerates.

Timing is King Here

The fallopian tubes will pick the egg and transport it to the uterus which is a beautiful process in itself. The attack as I will call it happens. Basically, the egg is protected by some cells and many sperms will be lost while trying to get into the egg.

They will literally have to attack like missiles and open up a path for a single sperm to enter. So, I can tell you that is why you need to have a high sperm count because millions die on the way there and several million more die trying to get into the egg.

The Fertilization

This is when the sperm has entered the egg and the rest are locked out through another awesome process. The fertilization forms the zygote which will move through the motions of being an embryo and attaches to the uterus wall to form the connection that is the umbilical cord.

Then you have a baby that way if everything goes well from here on out,

Wrapping Up…

It is all about how you time it. A woman needs to know when the ovulation is happening so that they can have sex at the right time. Read more about Natural Ways to boost ovulation

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